mandag 18. januar 2010

New beginnings

The holidays have gradually finished, and now we are back at work, and we are going to work more than ever. Before infield we had a feeling that we maybe had a little bitt too little to fill our days with, something that was confirmed to us by everyone on infield (Maria and Merethe, how are you doing now?)...

Anyway, today we started working at an orphanage called Rainbow Children's Fund, where we are going to work long Mondays and Friday afternoons. The place was founded by South Korean missionaries about a year ago, and is now the home of ten lovely children aged between four and twelve years old.

In Cameroon the chidren go to school in the morning every second week, and the other weeks they go in the afternoon. It works this way because there are not enough school buildings for everyone to be teached at the same time. Due to this, our days at RCF will vary a bit, since the schoolchildren attend a public school.

The plan is that we are going to do whatever the staff wants us to, and today that was to help the children with their homework and help out in the kitchen/learn how to cook Cameroonian food. Some days we will help out in the kindergarten too, where two of the orphans go together with other children, while the older ones are in school.

We were told that it was important that our clothes did not get dirty, so we got some other clothes to wear (they did not get dirty at all, as Pauline did everything that could make you dirty)

Idunn crushing white beans (HARD work!)

Pauline, our lovely teacher in the kitchen

It is not only in the working hours new things happen; I am proud to tell you that today I am going to have my first practice with the girls' volleyball team at Collège Protestante. If things do not turn out too bad, maybe I will write an update about that later...

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  1. Hei Pernille.
    Det er så fint å lese bloggen. Jeg føler nesten at jeg er der jeg også :-)

    Lykke til med litt travlere dager!

  2. Hei Pernille.
    Takk for fine innlegg og oppdateringer. Du er god til å skrive, og god i det du gjør :)