søndag 6. desember 2009

Safari, Sunscreen and SuperMarius

Yesterday we went to the Buffle Noir national park and had a wonderful day on safari. Since it is the beginning of the season, most of the animals had not come yet, but we got to see monkeys, different kinds of antelopes, birds, hippopotami and even some crocodiles. Andreas the Missionary, Ole Henrik the NMS Photographer and our guide also saw a leopard...

Even though Idunn, Marius the Gap Student and I missed the extraordinary sight of the leopard, the trip was terrific. We spent most of our time standing on the back of the car with a slight taste of sunscreen in our mouths (due to my brilliant idea of also protecting the lips against the sun). As there were a lot of high grass and branches that could hit us as we passed them, Marius enjoyed his role as our personal Super Hero in order to save us girls from their hits.

After a warm meal at the camp site, I got to drive home from our refreshing Saturday in Buffle Noir.

(Maybe more animal pictures will come later. Ole Henrik the NMS Photographer promised to give us his photos)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Åh! :) Så heldig du er! Høres helt fantastisk ut!!

  2. Og det er bare og komme og hente dem ( bildene allså hehe.
    HAHHA solkrem iden ja. HHAHA

  3. Så mye spennede du får oppleve! Gleder meg på dine vegne, men savner deg <3