torsdag 3. desember 2009

Two months already?

Here comes a short summary:

As soon as we set our feet on Cameroonian ground, we learned that things do not always turn out the way you expected; try to be flexible, relax and meet the world with a smile!

After having left the rainforest in the South, we were ready to settle in Ngaoundéré, which is to be found in the more dusty and dry highlands of the North (that actually is in the middle of the country. The real North is called The Extreme North).

Apart from work, our life have consisted of choir rehearsals and concerts,

Learning French and trying to keep up with what is happening around us,

Talior visits,

Retrait Spirituelle, a day with seminars for the young girls in Church,

Learning to cook Cameroonian food,

Afternoon escapes in fresh air,

Misjonstivoli arranged by the Norwegian kids; fund-raising to the church's AIDS-project,

 Getting to know people,

And these days we are quite busy with our culture-assignment; I learn a lot and write about girls in Ngaoundéré.

Only one week left at work now, before we are heading for infield course in Kenya, followed by Christmas holidays. Funny that we have come to Christmas already... When I start working after the holidays, we are more than halfway!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Gøy å se hvordan det går i kamerun :)

    Glad i deg, lillesøster

  2. Du skriver nydelig om Kamerun og det du lærer og opplever Pernille. Tenker mye på deg! Godt at du snart får besøk fra Norge :) God klem fra Vera