tirsdag 23. februar 2010


Thursday we set out for Meiganga, a village about four hours west of Ngaoundéré, together with Benjamin the contactperson and four Canadians. Their mission was to learn about evangelisation, as the Canadian church (together with many other Western countries) no longer seems to reach out to people in their own country.

The Cameroonian church is growing, while many of the countries that once brought the Good News to Africa now need to learn anew how to evangelize. In Meiganga we were attending a week of seminars, to hear and see how the church (EELC) empowers its evangelists.

We attended some of the seminars, visited the seminary of Meiganga, spoke with its students and visited them in their homes, and joined small groups of evangelists when they were having outreach Saturday. We went from door to door, visited those who were interested, talked about God with them and prayed together. Idunn and I also worked as interpreters, as our Canadian friends did not understand French. Amazing how much French we actually are able to understand and speak after some months here!

Students at the seminary of Meiganga studying in the library
The students' wives' class
Talking with David the theology student about evangelization
Visiting Philomene, the only female theology student at the seminary
The Canadians handing out gifts to the evangelists, as a sign of gratefulness for being invited to the seminar
"Filmez-moi! Filmez-moi, madame!" (If you have a camera, you have no choice:) )  

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