onsdag 16. september 2009

Can I please join you?

Today we had two guys from CHRISC (Christian Sports Contact) here who taught us several games. In one of them we were supposed to stand in a circle while we held each other tight, so that the two persons that had been given the task to break into the circle couldn't get inside. They had to find the right strategy so that we would let them in, and the answer was surprisingly simple: we had been told not to let them in before they asked nicely if they could join us. But as we held each other tight, it seemed to them that they had to use force to make their way into the circle. They actually also tried to bribe us before they came up with the "silly" idea to simply ask us, and to their amazement we immediately let them in.

This, I thought, was a nice picture on how it can be like when we finally arrive in Cameroon and all the other places the students here are going. When we come into groups that are already formed, it may feel like it's impossible to "break through" to them and maybe we'll struggle to find ways to get in and be part of the group. Then I'll keep in mind that maybe a small question will be enormously helpful: "Can I please join you?"

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