mandag 5. oktober 2009

This is home

Two days, three flights, four hours by car and five dead cockroaches after we left Gardermoen, Idunn and I are finally at rest in our new home in the "big village" of Ngaoundéré in North Cameroon.

The journey was long and at times quite stressful. We felt like we were being thrown out in our new life from the very moment we sat our feet on Cameroonian ground - as there had been a misunderstanding and no one was waiting for us at the airport in Yaoundé, the capital city. So we stood there, a bit confused, yet not afraid, and asked God to help us as we had no functioning phone, no money and no phone number to the man who would pick us up or any clue of what he would look like. No more than a few moments went before a security guard came and offered us a phone, and everything turned out well.

"Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act." -Psalm 37,5


We had a great Saturday in Yaoundé, before we left for Garoua Sunday morning. At the airport there we were met by Benjamin, our contact person, the NMS "ettåringer" and a missionary couple. They were so warm and welcoming that I felt quite at home right away. The seven of us then drove to Ngaoundéré, which is about four and a half hours away on a bumpy road from Garoua. The landscape is wonderful, quite green (as it is the last days of the rainy season) with mountains in the horizon and monkeys along the road (we drove through a national park)!

Finally, we arrived at the missionary station here in Ngaoundéré and had supper together with another missionary family before we moved into our nice apartment. It feels almost like home already...

The challenge of the day: Killing cockroaches that are creeping around on the floor!

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  1. For et nydelig sted dere er kommet til! Riktig eksotisk! Lykke til med alle kakkerlakker og andre utfordringer! Stor klem.