onsdag 14. oktober 2009

From now on, I am your mama

Tonight we were invited over to dinner at Mr. Foumgbami and his wife Jeanne. Only that we did not know that it was dinner, so I was already quite stuffed with supper. The food was good, though. The occasion was called Comity Meeting, and the people who are responsible for us "Haldings" in Cameroon sat down with us and went through our schedule for the months to come. Our concerns about wether we will have something to fill our days with are now officially gone, and I really look forward to getting started.

Madame Foumgbami, or Mama Jeanne, who is going to help us to adapt to the culture; how to dress properly and how to bargain and other important issues, gave us a really warm welcome, and informed us that while we stay here, she will look at herself as our mum. I felt quite at home right away, and I am so pleased that we have finally visited a Cameroonian home. We were promised Couscous (the traditional food that we have yet to taste) for dinner whenever we wanted, and that the doors are open whenever we feel like stopping by. It might be soon :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hei Pernille.
    Godt aa lese at dere har det bra, jeg skal fólge med deg videre.

    Har du funnet Jean Pascal forresten?

  2. Dette hørtes veldig hyggelig ut!!