søndag 11. oktober 2009

What we do

If you are curious about what I actually do here in Cameroon, I will give you a brief summary of my first week in Ngaoundéré. I will not start with my regular tasks until the end of October or beginning of November, so the schedule is not yet set. But I assume that the coming weeks will look quite similar to this first:

Meetings with Foumgbami, Vice President of Eglise Evangelique Lutherienne au Cameroun (from now on called EELC), Benjamin, our local contact person, Erik and Sandra, NMS Representative in Cameroon and his wife.

French lessons 07.45-13.00. Choir practise with Gospel Singers 18.00-20.30: FUN! Trying to cope with lyrics (in French/Fulani/Swahili/English), melodies and moves at once I can assure you is not easy...

French lessons 08.30-13.00

Visiting Centre Socio Ménager, where we are going to be English and computer-teachers every Wednesday. Bible studies with the Norwegians 20.00

Visiting L'école Maternelle, the kindergarden, where we are also going to be English teachers once a week. After this, we visited Collège, where we are not going to work, to meet the Vice Principal. 

Trip to the town with Andreas the missionary and Leif the nurse student. We bought some cool panjs that later will become African dresses :) Taco night at Lena the missionary's (our neighbour) with home made tortillas and Ticket to Ride afterwards :)

Service at 08.00-10.30. Choir practise after service. Sunday dinner in town with some of the missionaries. Visiting Madame Foumgbami (the wife of Foumgbami the Vice President of the church)

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  1. Hei Pernille. Høres ut som godt program. Bra dere får litt "hjemlig hygge" også, oppi alt det nye. Ticket to ride og Taco høres kjent ut ;)
    Klem, Pappa