fredag 6. november 2009

Helping the domestic worker

Yesterday was my first day working at the church's office. I was taken to Jeannette's office, where I was going to help her to archive documents from the last 30 years or so. Jeannette is the leader of the organisation Femmes pour Christ (Women for Christ).

Working at her office was so much more amusing than I had imagined. You see, we had to spend the first fifteen minutes after the daily devotion to clean her office (or, I was told to sit in her couch while she and another lady cleaned). She was so upset by all the spiders and their webs in her roof. And after having cleaned the roof, it was absolutely necessary to dust the desk and the shelves, clean the windows, then sweep the floor before topping it all off with a peach-smelling spray.

Jeannette told me that it was very important that she, as the leader of the women of the church, she had to clean her office very well, so that the domestic worker would understand the importance of doing a good job. It was obviously logic to her that if the domestic help found her office in a bad shape, he or she would think that Jeannette was a woman who did not care about the cleanliness of her office, and therefore would not care to do a thorough job. What a funny way to be a good example :)

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  1. Du skriver bra pernille, kult aa foelge deg!

    Any news about Jean Pascal¿