torsdag 12. november 2009

La Blanche en Pagne

This afternoon Idunn and I found out that it was high time for us to explore the Petit Marché ("the Little Market", which actually is bigger than the Grand Marché). We grabbed the opportunity as Andreas the volunteer and Marius the gap student (I finally have learned the English word for ettåring - thanks, Sophie!) were going to the gym in town, and set out for the market on our own.

Quite impressed by our orientation skills, we found our way through narrow alleys, the overwhelming odours from the meat area, people constantly shouting nasara (white), "You are SO beautiful", "come here, my queen", "la blanche en pagne (the white in pagne, that is the typical African women's outfit), you look so nice", and so on and so forth, and tons of different fabrics (i.e. the pagnes).

Satisfied after buying ourselves some fabric for future dresses, we walked up to the gym, trying to be nice to the boys so that they did not have to drive back to the market for us. However, it turned out that they were being nice as well and had driven down to the market. We did not hear that they called us, and I had of course told them that we would answer the phone as long as we had not been robbed, so we kind of stressed them up... Luckily we found each other and everything went okay at the end. Back in our appartment we finished the successful afternoon at the market with coucous, our new favourite food.

Our future dresses

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  1. Så spennende å lese om Pernille:)
    Her hjemme går livet greit. 650.000 nordmenn er syke med svineinfluensa, men vi har foreløpig sluppet unna.