lørdag 7. november 2009

The Tello Falls

Some days ago Idunn and I went on our first excursion in the bush. Together with Andreas the missionary, Andreas the volunteer, Hilde Marie the ettåring, Marius the ettåring and Erik the representative's visiting sister we went to the famous Tello Falls (some scenes from the first Tarzan movie was filmed there, by the way). The journey was a funny experience in itself, driving in Africa is a quite funny experience, for example when you meet more cows than cars in an one-hour's drive (and because we were allowed to sit on the roof of the car a little while on our way home. It was fun).

It was great to get out of Ngaoundéré for some hours, and Tello was really worth the trip. I still love Africa :) Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip:

6 kommentarer:

  1. Wow! :) Så vakkert! Dere er så heldige! :)
    - Linn Orlaug

  2. Ah, jeg vil tilbake!!
    Slang du deg i lianene?

  3. Nei, det visste jeg ikke at gikk an:p Gjorde du?

  4. Wow! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooaaaaaaaaoooooooooooaaaaaaaaa!!

  5. Oh Pernilla...you look so gorgeous! And Cameroon is lovely! The weather looks amazing, and the scenary...you must be having a wonderful time! Love to you from Kvitsund
    The Nagy Family,
    Christian, Autumn, Victoria, Sofia, Malina, and Syrill-Lia

  6. Så nydelig det er :) Afrika er virkelig et flott sted! Håper det går bra med deg og at du får energi fra det arbeide du gjør...